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About Me

Kennisha Cannady, Hair
Tanisha Walker, MUA & Photography

The Signature PEARL!

TERRY W. SPICER is a World Class Visionary! As the Principal and CEO of Epiphany Public Relations, LLC, Terry's stellar career continuously affords her the coveted and well earned position of standing in the throes of global and phenomenally accomplished leaders. She has acquired an impressive global portfolio. She realized the need as numerous leaders asked important questions about the direction of THEIR NEXT! The Signature PEARL™ is a unique offering for these leaders!

Her own brand of bold and progressive leadership and success is reflective of the LESSONS that she learned from the women who collectively raised her with gracious love, careful direction and tireless compassion. She chronicled those LESSONS in her first book, "LESSONS From Her Skirttail" and lives to be what HER PEARLS, her Mother, Grandmother, Godmother and the other important women in her life Dreamed she would be!

Terry is also the Founder and Executive Director of The Sisters Inspiring Sisters Incorporated, (The SISI™) a successful 501c3 charity that provides Transportation Assistance for cancer patients to get to medical appointments, chemotherapy and radiation treatment toward SURVIVORSHIP! She is building future leaders with The SISI's Small PEARLS Apprentice Program, her mentoring Program of leadership development for girls ages 7 through to college. Her husband, Stacey is the Co-Founder of The SISI. He will retire this year from United Parcel Service following a stellar career of 40 YEARS! They have worked tirelessly and have helped 1288 cancer patients in all 100 counties of North Carolina and 16 states in seven years. She has been honored with numerous awards for her success as an entrepreneur and community change agent! They have one son, Stacey Jr.


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