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The Circle Of PEARLS™

We brought the world in up close and personal to give the Small PEARLS of the world an EXCEPTIONAL look at success. It looks just like them! These beautiful Writer Contributors are Mothers, Grandmothers, Two Centenarians, Global  & Community Leaders, Corporate Executives, College Presidents, College Athletic Administrators, Physicians, Attorneys, Educators, Emmy Award Winners, News Reporters, News Producers, Entrepreneurs, Magazine Publishers, Writers, Artists and Retirees. EXCEPTIONAL women from all walks of life that have gifted Love Letters of Affirmation and Legacy to The Small PEARLS of the world to become successful at every stage of life. Two elegant Centenarians, Miss Catherine Ferrell, 107 years of age and

Miss Hortense McClinton,101 years of age, both wrote Love Letters! 

Please click each pic to learn who they are and buy the Book to read their beautiful Love Letters of Affirmation! 


My heartfelt thanks is extended to every Sister in this EXCEPTIONAL "Circle Of PEARLS!" We required two pages to

honor each of you. Thank you for imparting your wisdom and life experiences that will help frame the lives of our beautiful Small PEARLS. This experience with you has given me memories that will sustain me for the rest of my life. My shoulders of love rise to meet you and I lift my glistening PEARLS to your continued excellence and success!


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