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A 7 Year Dream Realized!


In a powerful explosion of Lessons and Affirmations of life, leadership and love, Terry Williams Spicer provides strategic tools for exquisite black and brown girls around the world. Designed for PEARLS of all ages, this poignant book will help them prepare and navigate the journey of life and confidently utilize the power of their voices to achieve dreams, goals and vision yet to be imagined.


As the founder of the mentoring initiative, The SISI Small PEARLS Apprentice Program, Terry has taught leadership development and life-enhancing skillsets that have helped girls and women find the fullness of their tremendous gifts and stand in flat-footed confidence, owning and knowing who they are and who God made them to become. The Small PEARL In Every Girl is the extension of this dynamic Program.


Terry invited very special women, The Circle of PEARLS, for what she calls "An EXCEPTIONAL Collaboration of Legacy with my Sisters!" As grown women, the Small PEARL in each of us covers them forward. They are the generation of our prayers, the prayers of our Mothers, Grandmothers, educators, and our neighbors. They are the inner circle of the dreams, goals, and expectations of The Circle of PEARLS.


Every page is designed to lift power into their lives, hearts, minds and souls because “EXCEPTIONAL Is Their Normal!™” Every page is insulated with traditional values and progressive and bold Legacy that will sustain them for years to come. Every Girl, Every Small PEARL, will learn to link and bridge experiences as they carefully and deliberately navigate their lives with this roadmap of success. 


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